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Workout Classes

Workout classes are a great way to achieve your health and fitness goals, compliment your existing workout programme with a technique class or choose from a selection of classes to help you lose weight, tone up or simply feel great.

Class Descriptions

A cardiovascular and toning workout session suitable for all levels. Includes a combination of moves for you to perform at your own pace though alternative high or low impact moves. A great way to burn calories and increase fitness levels.

Body Pump
Prepare to pump some weights in this non-resistance workout which will tone the entire body - change your body shape.

Box Fit
A high energy class incorporating boxing techniques including jabs, hooks and upper cuts – all to music. A knockout workout.

Bums, Legs and Tums
This is an ideal class for new customers who have never tried a workout class before. The focus is on thighs, bums and stomachs to help tone and shape your body.

A combination of cardio and strength training - all levels welcome - this class allows the participant to work to their own personal level. An instructor will put you through a variety of strength, cardio and flexibility stations. Feel free to go at your own pace in this highly motivating dynamic workout.

Cycle Fit
The most fun you can have on a stationary bike. Burn calories to pumping music and see the difference a 45 minute workout can make.

Line Dancing
YeeHaa! Time to get those cowboy hats out. A fun and exciting way to train. Dance the night away, lean new moves and socialise at the same time.

Latin & Ballroom
Always wanted to learn how to Cha, Cha, Cha, Tango or Fox trot? Then this is the class for you. East, step by step moves to be able to take your partner around the dance floor with elegance.

Total Body 
This workout will enhance all areas of your body. A full training session that will leave you feeling like you have worked like you never worked before! Suitable for all levels and working at your own pace, see the improvement each and every time you train.

Pilates is a refreshing mind-body workout, which focuses on core stability and posture, aiming to lengthen and strengthen muscles. The core fundamentals of the Method are based upon a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the human body.

Tai Chi 
Time to relax, release any tension and enjoy the calming ambience. Let your instructor take you through movemtnts that will help you relax and de stress. This will help you align your posture, support breathing techniques and general well being.

Totally Shredded 
An equipment-free Combat inspired, HIIT class to Drum & Bass music which incorporates Punching, Kicking, Cardio and Conditioning drills.

Yoga aims to align the mind and body through a series of postures and focuses on strength, flexibility and meditation techniques.

Take your workout to the dance floor with Zumba, a dance based class featuring elements of Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Hip Hop to name a few. Move your hips and free your mind.



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